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BRAND Afriso
Product AN 43790
Internal code ONR192116
Weight 1

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0->60°C ; CL.1

thermometry (sections)


[Pressure transducers DMU 01]

43410 LAG-14 ER

(Leak detector LAG-14 ER intrinsically safe, with relay ATEX, WHG / VAwS and BetrSichV Leak detector Class II (EN 13160-1) with intrinsically safe probe circuit for double Container with liquid in the interstitial space. For surveillance in above-ground storage of flammable Liquids of class A I, A II, III A, B and nonflammable water-endangering liquids. Approved for tanks according to EN 12285-1, EN 12285-2, DIN 6618-1, DIN 6619-1, DIN 6623-1, DIN 6624-1. Control unit with operating and alarm indicators, audible Alarms, test button and increased interference protection. With relay for connection of additional alarm equipment (1 x NO). Scope of delivery: Control unit, leak detection fluid and probe General building approval: Z-65.24-1 EC type examination certificate: TPS 03 ATEX 15639 6 Ex II (1) G (Ex ia) or IIC (Ex ia) IIB).

43500 / LAG-13 K

(Leak detection device, not intrinsically safe, by WHG (and VbF), leak detector of class II (EN 13160-1: 2003) for double-walled tanks with liquid in Überwachungsraum.Zur monitoring in above-ground water-polluting liquids and flammable liquids of class AI, A II, A III and B. Approved for tanks according to EN 12285-1, EN12285-2, DIN 6618-1, DIN 6619-1, DIN 6623-1, DIN 6624-1.)


cofox ELT-8


Three rod probe LSM 01


Manometerdruckknopfhahn-DVGW and SVGW tested: DKH connection : 2 x internal thread Rp ½, DIN 2999 material : Nickel-plated brass nominal pressure : 5 bar (MOP 5) Operating temperature range : Medium 0/70 ° C environment -20 / + 60 ° C execution : DVGW and SVGW-tested, with EC-type examination certificate, product ID number CE 0085AQ0985


O2, CO4, NO,


O2, CO4, NO, SO2,


O2, CO4, NO, CO40.000, NO2


O2, CO4, NO, SO2, CO40.000, NO2,


O2, CO4, CO40.000,


O2, CO4, NO, CO40.000


PROB : 300 mm, Ø 8 mm,


PROB : 500 mm, Ø 8 mm


Pressure gauge

AFRISO.0->60°C ; CL.1

thermometry (sections)

AN 16500

level gauge

AN 40731

LAG container black

AN 43410

LAG-14 ER with relay

AN 43684


AN 43688

Drying filter TF 220 incl. Mounting bracket

AN 43691

Filling and test fitting for overpressure leak detector LAD-R

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